Artist and freelance writer

I’m a trained artist, communications and human rights professional, currently working in communications and fine arts.

I have spent the last fifteen years or so developing and implementing human rights based projects in Europe and Asia and working in the field of migration law in Sweden.

In parallell I have also worked in the creative fields of content production, editing, translation and fine arts.

I hold workshops in fine arts and creativity for children as part of my work under “The Future is Now”-concept.

My human rights and multicultural background influence all the work that I do, whether it be teaching and creating art, interviewing for a piece or planning and implementing a human rights focused project.

I’m trained in business management, human rights, strategic communication and fine arts from the UK, Sweden and the US.


Maya Verma Productions

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Based in Höör in the middle of Skåne, Southern Sweden. Give me a call or send me an email!

+46 73 652 45 73