Artist and freelance writer


I’m a trained artist, writer and human rights professional and have spent the last ten years or so developing and implementing human rights based projects in Europe and Asia and working in the field of migration law in Sweden. In parallell I have also worked as a freelance writer, artist and art teacher.

My human rights and multicultural background influence all the work that I do, whether it be teaching and creating art, interviewing for a piece or planning and implementing a human rights focused project.

Currently I work in communications and as a freelance writer and artist. 

I’m an avid traveller and have travelled across Asia, Europe, Africa and the US. Travelling solo by train all around India and by bus in Eastern Africa are two of my fondest memories. I’m constantly either dreaming of, or planning, new adventures. My roots are in Pondicherry in southern India and I travel there every year. I write travel pieces as often as I can.

Educational background: Bachelor of Science-degree in management from the University of Manchester in the UK and a masters degree in human rights from Malmö University. Trained in fine arts from the Art Students’ League in New York, a foundation year in fine arts in Lund and a year-long teacher led artist development course in Malmö.

I have previously, among several others, worked as a programme officer on the Myanmar programme for the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, a project manager for Football for Life, an FC Rosengård-organisation which works with HIV/Aids prevention and empowerment of young women in South Africa, as a project assistant on a water management project in the West Bengal area of India and in migration law in Sweden. I continuously work as a a trainer in human rights in childbirth on the Yalla Sofielund doula programme and on developing the Web Manuals Foundation’s programme on the empowerment of young women.


Artist and art teacher

My work is inspired by moments of intensity that catch my attention in my everyday life.

I work in a multitude of techniques but have lately focused on indian ink, linoleum graphics and oil painting. I have for as long as I can remember closely observed people, their faces, bodies and relationships. My images portray the result of what I see around me.

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copywriter, freelance journalist and translator

I write for editorial and commercial channels (editorial articles, content, copywriting, columns, travel writing).

I am an experienced and meticulous translator of written work between Swedish, English and Danish.

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Based in the North West of Skåne, Southern Sweden. Give me a call or send me an email!

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